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We are professional sound engineers, musical producers, and video editors for over a quarter century. We have  fully portable editing rig, with the latest version of Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Suite.  We will color correct, sweeten sound, mix audio, match beets, use ProTools, and/or use Cubase to liven up any audio track or create one from scratch, as required.
We have edited short and feature films, documentaries, and pilots. We can multi task, work on multiple projects, handle tight deadlines, work long hours, and still carry a smile and make you laugh. We deliver the highest quality DCP content. We are familiar with video compressions and can publish a top notch blu-ray video.
In short, if you have a film or video, look no further than DT3D Productions. Let us help you.
Our History:

Our founder, David Rozenthal, started DT3D Productions for his love of music and video. He wanted to make a career out of his passion.


David's love for music started at a very early age. He started studying piano at 6-years old, per my request. He received a scholarship in classical music for 12 years.


His passion for sound started as a teenager. He studied electronics for 4-years. Before graduating, he made the move to New York, where he lived from 1971 to 1974. During this time, he played the keyboard in a Broadway show, "To Live Another Summer," and studied at the institute of Audio Research.


During this time, he worked at 914 Studio as an assistant engineer on  several projects, which included Bruce Springsting (Asbury Par and E Street Shuffle). Through this time he performed with "1910 Fruit Gum company (Pan Men Floyd) playing Hammond Organ and Piano.


He moved back to Israel and worked at Kolinor studios in Tel av as an engineer, producer, and musician. He had major success working with the most prestigious and successful artists in Israel.


Years later, he emigrated back to the U.S. DT3D Productions has its home in Los Angeles, CA, home to all the music and film.

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