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Here are just some of the services we can provide

Music Productions

Our CEO has been composing and performing music, since a very early age. He worked for studios around the world composing musical compositions. You can learn more about our CEO's musical background by reading our About Us page.

One of the services that DT3D Productions is proud to offer is our repertoire of services in music. We can conduct, perform, and of course compose music for your video, be it as background to a video or the main component in a music video.

We have access to the latest audio editing and performing tools. Let us know your needs.

Video Production/Shooting

We specialize in Wedding Videography to make memories last a lifetime. Your wedding is a special day and we always strive to portray your wedding in the most creative and stunning way possible.

If you have a party or need a video for social media, web, or commercial, we always make the best of everything.


Our style exudes the emotions of your event making it relivable again and again. With years of experience in film making and editing our team has become one of the most sought after companies for videography. 

Contact us for your wedding, engagement, Trash The Dress session, or social media marketing for all you videography needs.

Video/Audio Editing

If you need full-service post editorial solutions including systems, storage, workflow resources, and state of the art post production facilities, you should come to us.


We also provide producer suites and editing bays.


We have services the television and film industry for years, so no job is too big or small. Think of us for your next project.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

Butterflyvista Corporation

"Our website was lacking professional product videos. We decided on DT3D Products. We started off with one video, VsIncrementer, and the job quality was outstanding inclusive of a custom music track. We contracted for several other videos. We have had compliments from our customers both on the video and our website. If you have a shoot, look no further than DT3D productions."

Sarah Weinberger - CEO / President

JMR Electronics, Inc.

"We had several videos, which we initially needed to produce for NAB for various products and for overall. We went to DT3D Productions, which not only did the composition, photography, video, but also put together a wonderful sound tracks. The special effects were top notch. We elected to use Final Cut Pro, though sound editing was done Pro Tools. We were impressed enough that we requested product videos. There were several videos done for our DataMover appliance. One of them was a real shoot with actors shooting on-location. We highly recommend DT3D productions for your next project."

Josef Rabinovich- CEO

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